The Wine Room


Winemaking Club

For individuals that do not have a group, we offer The Wine Room Wine Club – a new approach to winemaking. As a member of the Wine Club, you can attend any three winemaking sessions (crushing, pressing, & bottling) from the many sessions available on the Wine Club calendar, and enjoy winemaking with a fun, enthusiastic group! Membership is only $75 per person.

Winemaking Club - 2016 Chilean Harvest

Session #1: Crushing / Pressing - You will need to wear older clothes since this is a hands-on, messy winemaking session. Members will use professional winemaking equipment to efficiently de-stem and crush the grapes. (Foot stomping is purely optional!). Pressing will be accomplished using authentic bladder presses from Italy.

When making your reservation, please be sure to indicate the number of people attending. For example, if your certificate includes a guest, make the reservation for two people.